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Privacy Policy

Based on the recognition that it is one of the company’s responsibilities to protect personal information, Public Planning & Policy Studies, Inc. (hereby called “the company”) has established the following privacy policy. The company has its officers, employees and relevant staffs recognize this policy and protect personal information.

Privacy Policy
1. Management of Personal Information
The company sets the “privacy officer” to establish and enforce the handling and the appropriate protection of personal information.
2. Acquisition of Personal Information
On acquiring personal information, the company preliminarily notifies the intended use and the contacts for the person in question.
3. Use and Supply of Personal Information
The company uses personal information only within the scope of the intended use explicitly agreed with the person in question. The company does not disclose or convey personal information to third parties, except to the extent consented by the person in question.
4. Commission of Personal Information Processing
Personal information obtained is subject to the commission for information processing, questionnaire dispatch, etc. When processed on commission, the company enforces appropriate contract, management and supervision to ensure that the commissioned party complies with the conditions, agreed with the person in question, to use/supply personal information and to manage the safety.
5. Security Measures for Personal Information
The company takes reasonable measures for security management to prevent unauthorized access to personal information or prevent loss, destruction, falsification and leak of personal information. Should a safety problem arise, the company takes the measures to prevent the expansion of damages and prompt remedial action.
6. Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations on Personal Information
In handling personal information, the company complies with personal information protection laws, rules and regulations.
7. Continuous Improvement of Compliance Programs
The company manages for an appropriate operation of personal information protection with the continuous review and improvement of the approach.
Handling of personal information shall be dealt with in accordance with the Japanese laws.
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