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Fundamental Business Purpose
In today’s age of diversified and sophisticated needs of people and complicated society, we conduct researches and examinations into the basic policies, for the preferable social infrastructure to contribute to creation of the prosperous and comfortable society.
Basic Business Principles
1) Contribution to society
We contribute directly to the society through the examination on the improvement of public services.
2) Provision of high-standard and wide-ranged services
We fulfill our clients’ needs by offering a broad range of advanced services.
3) Examination based on the reality
Fundamental investigation of widely collected materials enables us to develop not mere critique but practical theories and to suggest clients feasible solutions.
Business Outline
1) Collection, examination and suggestion of the data related to basic policies/planning of public works.
2) Creation and examination of engineering guidelines or manuals for public works.
3) Collection and provision of data on the basic policies for public works in foreign countries.
4) Planning and producing public relations materials on the basic policies of public works.
Business Fields
1) Urban, regional and national-land planning
2) Planning, operating and managing of traffic facilities
3) Environmental planning (on noise, air pollution, sunlight, scenery, etc.)
4) Social statistical analysis, optimal system planning, information analysis, system development
5) Economic analysis, legal systems
Major Clients
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation of Japan (Head Office, National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management, Kanto Regional Development Bureau, etc.), East Nippon Expressway Company Limited, Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited, West Nippon Expressway Company Limited, Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited, Hanshin Expressway Company Limited, Honshu-Shikoku Expressway Company Limited, Japan Expressway Holding and Debt Repayment Agency, other judicial foundations and incorporated associations.
Members’ Mottos
1) Highly public-oriented mind
2) Strong interest in social issues
3) Insight into the actual phenomenon
4) Consistently inquisitive mind
5) Patience to address challenges
6) Motivation to devise new methods
7) Desire to acquire the latest basic knowledge
8) Sense of commitment to achieve the required results
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